What business types is LAT-Sign™ geared for?
LAT-Sign™ can be used for any type or size of business, with the main concentration towards a small to medium size, retail/consumer oriented enterprise.

How often can the ads be changed?
You can change ads as many times as you want, whenever you want. The change effects are applied immediately.

How many ads am I allowed to have?
You can have up to five (5) fully defined ads that are randomly rotated on patron receipts.

How is this different from Google's AdWords?
LAT-Sign™ is not designed for Internet-only crowd. It is completely opposite in that it is geared towards a live audience that is physically close to your business. So, if you are a restaurant, AdWords may not be a good foot-traffic generator, as this program will.


What is I try this and realize that I either don't like it or it doesn't work for me. Can I cancel?
You can cancel anytime with one single click - no questions asked. We are very confident that the minimal subscription rate that we charge is miniscule to what you will normally pay to market your business. We are certain that you will find this program a huge asset to your marketing campaign - but if not, you are free to cancel anytime.

Can the ads be timed to fit with my promotion?
Yes and No. That is, there is no mechanism that will automatically pop certain ads at certain times. We are planning to add this capability in the future, but other than in our lab, its not available yet. BUT, you can simply either create or modify your ads just-in-time with your promotion. Since the changes are immediate, you can "force" the ads to fir your promotion date.

What is the ad format?
To be fair, and to eliminate competitive unfairness that arises with graphical ads (my graphic is better than your graphic nonsense), we decided that all ads, for everyone should look the same. This is very much inline with various online ad sources. So, all ads have 4 lines of text with roughly 35 characters per line. Graphics and various text attributes, such as bold, italic ...etc., are not allowed.

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